get organized be more productive using a to-do book
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Get Organized and Be More Productive With a To-Do Book

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Are you tired of forgetting to get important things done? Doctors appointments, school functions, church gatherings, or that bake sale you volunteered to bake cookies for? Make your life simpler with a to-do book.

Have you ever looked at the lives of some of your friends and co-workers and wondered how they do it all or how do they get so much done? You could get just as much as them done in your day be implementing a simple to-do book.

What is To-Do Book

A to-do book is a notebook or journal you use to brain dump all the tasks you need to get done. It could be anything from call and schedule appointments to order groceries and pick them up.

Why You Should Use One

Using a to-do book allows you to get all your tasks on paper in front of you as the tasks pop into your mind. Then when you have free time in your schedule you can pull out your list and start completing tasks. As a work from home, homesteading and currently homeschooling momma this is so important so you don’t forget to complete important task.

How to get started with To-Do Book

To get started with a to-do book you simply need a journal or planner. If your anything like me you have a million and one of them laying around. You then keep a running list of all the tasks you need to do. You can make a page for working and a page for home or have two to-do books (one for work and one for home). Then brain dump everything you need to do into them.

Once you complete your task you cross it off or if you want to get a little fancier draw a box in front of each task and check it off. When your page is filled, move any unmarked tasks to the next page and keep going. If a task is time sensitive you could highlight, use a star or as-trek symbol, or underline the task. Do whatever works best for you. You don’t need to prioritize your to-do list because priorities don’t stay the same everyday.

Tips for Success With a To-Do Book

  • If your going to use a planner as your to-do book, you could put certain tasks on specific days of the week (Monday- Laundry, Tuesday- Clean Kitchen, etc.). While also keep a running list of tasks that need to be completed still (check garden, start seed, check chicken feed, collect eggs, make bread, do kombucha, paint cabinets, etc.). Any tasks that don’t get done that week get moved to the following week.
  • When you notice you have a free moment or two in your schedule and routines get out your to-do book and start checking off your tasks.

Using a to-do book will help you to get more organized and be more productive with your time by helping you get those tasks completed. What tasks do you put in your to-do book? Let us know in the comments down below.

I hope to encourage others in their homemaking, homeschooling, parenting, marriage, and faith.

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