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Productive Morning Routine Tips

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The Beginners Guide to Morning Routines

I’m sure you know but mornings in a house with many kids can be CRAZY! With these morning routine tips you can have a more productive day. Using these morning routine tips will help you make the most of your morning and day.

Are you ready for a more productive day?

Morning Routine Tip #1

Wake Up and Get Dressed:

To slow the chaos of your mornings try setting an alarm and getting up before the kids. Even if its only 30 minutes before, have yourself a cup of coffee or tea and spend some time reading the word. Lay your clothes out the night before so you can quickly and easily get dressed with out much thought. You can check out my nighttime routine tips here.

Wake up any of the kids that aren’t yet awake when you head downstairs. One thing that also helps is having your kids lay out their clothes the night before. Let your kids know they need to get up and get dressed before they come downstairs to eats breakfast. The exception would be the kids that need help getting ready.

Morning Routine Tip #2

Eat Breakfast:

You already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As moms we can get irritable and snappy with our husband and children, this often is a result of being hangry. To help your mornings go smoother try making breakfast ahead of time. On the weekend make a large batch of eggs, bacon, and pancakes to reheat in the mornings through out the week. You could also make a bunch of freezer meals to put in the freezer, then pull them out to thaw the night before. Doing this will save so much time and your family will have a nice filling hot breakfast.

Have your kids that are old enough help with breakfast whenever possible. When having breakfast make sure to take your vitamins and any probiotics to keep you and your family healthy. Note: I do my 2 year old’s hair at this time because she is occupied eating, other wise she won’t sit still long enough to get her hair done.

Morning Routine Tip #3

Set Alarms:

Set alarms to go off to keep your on schedule during your morning routine. We have alarms for when to wake up, sometime (when the kids put their shoes on), and coat time (when the kids put on a coat or a jacket if needed) to make sure we aren’t late.

Morning Routine Tip #4

Add a Family Scripture Time:

If you have kids old enough to read have them read the Bible out loud to everyone. If you don’t have kids that are old enough to read don’t worry you can still add scripture time to your morning routine. You can do this by reading the scriptures yourself or by downgliding the youversion Bible app. The youversion Bible app has a feature were it will read the Bible out loud to you. You could also pick a chapter of the Bible to start memorizing as a family. For our family having a scripture time helps our day begin on a amore positive note.

Morning Routine Tip #5

Leave Time to Clean Up:

Once everybody is feed and off to school and worl, leave time to clean up from the morning craziness. If you have kids old enough to help that aren’t in school (so the 2-3 year old range) help pitch in and clean up as well. Make it a dance party if your have to.

  • Put any food that is still out away
  • Do Dishes (Put dishes away from the night before and wash any dishes from the morning if your don’t have a dishwasher)
  • Quickly sweep the floor to get any crumbs cleaned up.
  • Start a load of laundry

Morning Routine Tip #6

Finish Getting Ready:

Once everything is complete if you or your younger kids need to still finish getting ready then make sure to do that. So if you have to still do your make up or hair or the little kids still need dressed. You will be much more productive if you are fully dressed and it will be a great habit for your kids to get into. Note: Make sure if your kids have any chores that need done before school thy are doing them.

Here are some nighttime routine tips that will help you conquer your day.

What does your morning routine look like? Let us know in the comments below.

I hope to encourage others in their homemaking, homeschooling, parenting, marriage, and faith.

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