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Nighttime Routine for Moms that Will Help You Conquer Your Day

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The Beginners Guide to Nighttime Routine

Mornings in most homes I’m sure can be chaotic from making breakfast, getting everyone ready for the day, doing chores or school work, to getting out the door by a specific time. It makes my head spin just thinking about it. With these six nighttime routine tips you can give yourself a better more productive tomorrow.

Are you SUPER EXCITED to have a smoother more productive morning?

Nighttime Routine Tip #1

Prep Dinner the Night Before:

Dinner time can be pretty hectic in most homes, kids are just arriving home hungry with homework that needs done and papers to be signed, chores still need to be finished and dinner needs made. If you take a few minutes the night before to check your meal plan you can easily simplify your dinner time the next day. Simply take out any meats to be thawed, set out any pantry ingredients on the counter, and chop any veggies it only take a few minutes.

Nighttime Routine Tip #2

Prep for School the Night Before:

My kids can by so tired and grumpy in the morning which equals mayhem. By prepping homework, outfits, shoes, and coats/jackets the night before you can get id of the morning disarray. We lay out our clothes on our night stands or on our living room couch the night before. We make sure any schoolwork or signed papers are in the kids’ bookbags and place the bookbags, shoes, and coats/jackets by the front door. Don’t be afraid to have your kids help! Teach your kids to be successful by showing them from a young age how to have a nighttime routine.

Nighttime Routine Tip #3

Pack Lunches the Night Before:

Eating out and having you kids buy lunches can get pretty costly pretty quickly. You can save so much money by prepping and packing your own lunches. It can also be healthier to pack your own lunches. Taking a few minutes before you go to bed to pack lunches will save you so much time. We have our kids help pack their own lunches (everything besides the cold items) the night before.

Nighttime Routine Tip #4

Clean the Night Before:

Don’t start your day with a dirty kitchen it makes it a lot harder to get breakfast ready the next day. Ask me how I know. This will add more stress to an already stressful time of day. We try to make it a point to do our dishes at night, wipe down all kitchen surfaces, and do a quick sweep of the floor. A little tip I have learned from my mom is to also start a load of laundry at night so they are ready to go to the dry the next morning. My husband and I are coffee drinkers so while we are cleaning up the kitchen in our nighttime routine we also program our coffee pot to automatically start at 6:00 in the morning.

Nighttime Routine Tip #5

Lay Out Your Clothes the Night Before:

In the mornings we are often rushed and tired, Laying out your clothes the night before will allow you to have a put together outfit with less headache and effort. No more throwing clothes all over your bedroom trying to find and outfit that matches and looks cute. No more sweats and pajamas all day. Unless you want to of course.

Nighttime Routine Tip #6

Brain Dump at Night:

Last but not least brain dump before you go to bed. By keeping a to-do book by your bed and writing everything down from the day that keeps your mind in overdrive will allow you to ahev a much better nights sleep.

What does your nighttime routine look like? What other nighttime routine tips do you have? Let us know in the comments down below.

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