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Holiday Planning: The Beginners Guide

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Planning Ahead for the Holidays

It’s 2 weeks before the holidays, you haven’t done any holiday planning. Your bank account is sitting at $0, your just now realizing you have forgotten to buy some gifts. Maybe you haven’t done any of the holiday traditions you wanted to do with your family. Or you haven’t even sent out your holiday cards!!

Sound Familiar??

During the holidays we are always rushing around. Sometimes feeling like we are just spinning our wheels and going no where. That’s where holiday planning comes in.

What is Holiday Planning and Why You Should

The holidays are supposed to be joyful, happy and fun times. Not planning out your holidays can make them really stressful! When your holidays are well planned out you don’t have to worry about:

Going over budget

Forgetting anyone’s gifts

Sending out holiday cards

When your holidays are planned out you can really focus on your family, faith, and really just relax and enjoy the holidays.

Why should you plan ahead for the holidays:


Not going over Budget

Not forgetting to get gifts or send holiday cards

Focus on family, faith, and relax

How to get started and Tips for Success with Holiday Planning

  • Take Note of Your Holiday Items from the Year Before
    • Nothing drives me crazy more than buying a bunch of stuff I already have because I was disorganized and didn’t realize I still had those items. So be sure to take inventory of the wrapping paper, tape, gift bags, tissue paper, and gift tags you already have.
    • Tip: Putting everything together in the same place the year before will help you check your inventory more quickly.
  • Create a Budget
    • Having a budget will keep you from over spending on the holidays. I’m Totally guilt of this one. Having an idea of what you want to spend on the holidays will also allow you to start saving at the beginning of the year next year so that you will have a nice little nest egg for next year to start your shopping early.
  • Start Early with Gift Buying
    • Gift buying early (starting in September or October possible earlier) will allow you to purchase gifts in smaller amounts while appending less at a time. Instead of purchasing your gift Christmas Eve with one large lump sum. Knowing you have your gifts prior to December will allow you to sit back and relax and truly enjoy the holidays.
    • Tip: Make sure you have a good hiding space for your gifts especially if you have kids or a sneaky husband in the house.
  • Prep for DIY Gifts and Décor
    • Prepping for any DIY gifts and décor will make sure you have all the materials needs and the time necessary to complete them.
  • Plan Out Holiday Card List
    • Having a card list will allow you to know exactly how many cards you will need to send, who you will send them to, and will keep you from sending your cards out last minute because you forgot.
    • Tip: Keep a running list of the people who sent you cards so next year you can make sure to send one to them as well if that weren’t on your list for this year.
  • Plan Out Holiday Meals and Shopping List
    • Planning out your meals. This will allow for a more relaxing holiday because you won’t have to think about what your making or what you need to buy. Planning ahead means you will already have it.
    • Tip: If you need to plan out the meals, get the groceries 1-2 weeks prior to your holiday. Then freeze and store what you can and all you have to do is pull everything out and throw it all together.
  • Make a Holiday Bucket List
    • Having a holiday bucket list will help you to make sure that you don’t forget about doing the holiday traditions with your family. After all the holidays are about making memories with our families.
  • Write Down Gift Ideas
    • Before you go gift shopping make a list of the family, friends, teachers and co-workers you have to buy for. Next to their names write out a few gift ideas that are within your budget.
  • Think about Where You Will Be Spending the Holidays
    • Think about where you will be spending your holidays and when. (Your home, your parents home, your in-laws, other extended families.) Then make in your holiday calendar.

The Last Thing You Need to Know about Holiday Planning

  • Holiday planning will allow you to have a stress-free holiday season. It will keep you from spending beyond your means and any last minute holiday shopping. This will allow you to relax and focus on what is really important faith and family.
  • Comment below: How do you plan ahead for the holidays?

I hope to encourage others in their homemaking, homeschooling, parenting, marriage, and faith.

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