Brain Dump: Clear Your Mind and Be More Poductive
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Brain Dump: Clear Your Mind and Be More Productive

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Have you ever felt like your brain is running on overdrive, constantly going, and can’t relax. Our poor little brains were never meant to remember all the things we need to do on the daily. Clear your mind and be more prodcutive with a brain dump.

The Beginners Guide to Brain Dumping

An awesome way to keep track of your ever growing list of to-do’s is with a to-do book. You can learn more about the to-do book here. Ideally you should get into the habit of doing a brain dump at the end of your day. This will free your brain of having to remember everything,allowing you to relax and sleep better. A great nights sleep will motivate and energize you to get those tasks done.

What is a Brain Dump

So what is a brain dump anyway, it is when you grab some paper, a journal, or a notebook and write down everything that’s on your mind. Some things you could write down are:

  • Things that you need to remember
  • Things that stress you out
  • What happened during your day
  • Dreams
  • Goals
  • Prayers
  • Frustrations and Motivations

Doing a brain dump allows you to physically see everything that’s on your mind and to sort through it. Once everything is on paper and in front of you, you can put them in your to-do book. This allows you to add these tasks to your schedule to create a action plan.

How to do a Brain Dump

You can do a brain dump anytime of the day but the ideal time would be right before bed so your mind can take a break and truly relax. Trust me your brains deserves it. You will sleep so much better and be so much more energized and your brain will thank you for it later.

All you need to do id keep your to-do book or notebook and pen by your bed so you can pour all you thoughts out on paper at night and sleep great.

Tips for Success in Completing a Brain Dump

Brain dumps make you more productive because they get all the things you need to remember off your mind so they no longer distract you. It helps you take action of all the tasks you need to remember

Let us know in the comments below What time of day do you brain dump?

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